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Gateway to science

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

January 2023

Academic Project - 5rd year

Integrative studio

Technion, Israel

Gateway  to Science is the gate building of the Weizmann Institute that opens to the city. As such it changes the campus’ paradigm by re-connecting the city and the campus.
It is located near the central Herzl Street and takes advantage of the height difference on the site in order to create an accessible and lively urban square that presents learning spaces, a lobby and a cafeteria and allows direct entry to the building. The multitude of social spaces encourage informal meetings that promote the possibility of collaborations and thus ultimately also mutual fertilization and innovation.
The exterior facade contains a shading system that interprets the brutalist tradition of the brise-soleil on campus in a contemporary way, creating a unique architectural identity.


Arch. Nir Chen

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